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Meadow and Landing Strip at SABLE RANCH

RANCHO MARIA and SABLE RANCH share about a mile of contiguous boundary, and then branch out into individual majestic canyons leading up into unique private waterfalls!

Surrounding the two ranches on three sides is the Angeles National Forest, with its forbidding steep mountains and canyons, giving the ranches unequaled seclusion and privacy, unhampered by smog or coastal fog.

RANCHO MARIA and SABLE RANCH, with their combined 400 acres of beautiful grassy meadows and canyons dotted with centuries-old oak trees, offer unique opportunities for location filming within Los Angeles County, and only 30 minutes from Hollywood and major film studios.

Each ranch has a large water reservoir, ranch house, and stables, RANCHO MARIA also features a majestic "Big Red Barn," corrals, irrigated pastures, too-sheds, chicken-coops, podium, etc. SABLE RANCH, the Spanish location, has an adobe hacienda from the turn of the century, stables, stone accessory buildings, and a small landing strip.

There are parking facilities for hundreds of cars, and machinery, including a large bulldozer, backhoe, scraper/grader, tractors, water truck, dump-truck, and Jeeps, to take on any size project!

Our "Western Street" at RANCHO MARIA features a big Hotel-Saloon with an authentic 40 foot long 1866 bar, and a smaller Saloon, a General Store, Sheriff's Office, Jail, etc.

Please contact us for reservations at: drsable@msn.com .
Special rates available for advertising agencies.

If you should ever be unable to reach Ranch Manager DEREK at (661) 252 - 9751
please be sure to leave him a voice-mail message and he will get notification of your message and wil be able to call you back as soon as he is able to with his cell-phone.


Red Barn and Green Pasture at RANCHO MARIA

25933 Sand Canyon Road
Canyon Country, CA, USA 91351


25975 Sand Canyon Road
Canyon Country, CA, USA 91351

Telephone Contact - Please Always leave a voice-mail message if need be. 
Derek (manager - located at Sable Ranch): (661) 252-9751 

(If you don't reach Derek on the first try please be sure to leave a message

and he will usually call you back within minutes)


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