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For reservations to see the ranch locations and to reserve your next TV or Film production project
please call Derek Hunt at: +1 661 252 9751 and if you do not reach him be sure to reach a voicemail message.
Note:  the photos below are more than 20 years old, there are many new props and scenic locations, come and see!

one of the many lakes and reservoirs

Interior of Sable Ranch Hacienda


Frank and his friend "Mozart" at one of the
many lakes and reservoirs on Sable Ranch


The large field at Sable Ranch has been used
in countless movies and TV Series, including
the "Invisible Man" starring Chevy Chase,
"Terror From Above" starring Effrem Zimbalist Jr.
about the wild African bees attacking a crowd at a
baseball game, with the star landing in a small plane
right into the scene, and many episodes of the
"A-Team", "Time Machine 2", etc. etc.

Sable Ranch Historic Stone Hacienda
used in the Maverick TV series starring James Garner,
the movie "Message From Holly",
the "Motel Hell"   comedy horror film
starring Rory Calhoun, etc. etc.

Vera and Frank, on horseback, at

Robin Hood's Castle from Mel Brooks "Men In Tights" film

Aerial Photo of Sable Ranch (Gorman Cyn.)
and Rancho Maria (Coyote Canyon)

Topographical map of
Sable Ranch and Rancho Maria
Approx. Same View As Aerial Photo on left)
and directions to Rancho Maria - Sable Ranch



Home (index) page              Information about Rancho Maria and Sable Ranch


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